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Whether you need a fully custom web design, an animated advertisement, or just someone to update and administer your existing site, we can handle it. No project is too big or too small for us. Feel free to get in touch if you don't see the specific service you need listed, we are happy to answer any questions you have.


    We’ll design your custom website from scratch to your specifications


    Brochures, logos, pamphlets, and business cards


    We can administer your website for you, or perform maintenance if you just need a few things updated


    We’ll take your existing website and make a mobile-friendly version for smartphones and tablets


    Custom animations for advertising your product or training videos for your users, plus online games to keep your visitors entertained


    Internal web-based tools to help run your company more efficiently, including inventory, personnel management, and accounting

The Biggest Little Agency!

Meet The Team

Sunecai team are some of the best in the web industry, with the ability to create highly innovative websites from the scratch. Our key to the success of our projects is the breadth of our experience.

  • maricar caabay - sunecai founder

    Cai Caabay

    CEO & Founder

    I founded Sunecai after seeing the need for small businesses to have access to affordable web services. I have past experience founding Pwiker.com and working with Westcom.

  • gary

    Gary Caabay

    VP - Finance

    Philippine Certified Public Accountant & Accounting Manager for West-Com Nurse Call Systems, Inc.


  • LARRY-_LARRY_005

    Larry Peters

    Director of Business Development

    C. Larry Peters is the founder, President and CEO of West-Com Nurse Call Systems, Inc.


  • IMG_9918

    Eudean Sun

    Co-founder & VP

    I’ve been writing code for the past 15 years in everything from microcontrollers to websites. In addition to my technical role, I also serve as an editor for Sunecai.

  • mypict

    Janzhen Auditor

    Co-Founder & Technical Manager

    I’ve been in web industry for 5+ years. I’m in-charge of handling Sunecai web development project specifications.

  • jhingrhed

    Ryan Calma

    Design Manager

    Specializing in web design, logo design, graphic design, photography and XHTML. As a web designer I have worked with various organizations and agencies giving me a broader knowledge and spectrum of the design and advertising world.

  • my_avatar

    Sarz Bajao

    Web Developer

    I’ve been creating websites for 3 years and help with Sunecai’s web design projects.

  • IMG_4359

    Divo Gerona

    Quality Assurance Manager

    More than 5 years of experience in Information Technology with an emphasis on Software Testing/Quality Assurance using manual testing techniques and automation tools (bug tracking tools).

  • 941271_535750119804086_906946357_n

    Riizul Amoroto

    Web Developer

    I’ve been developing and creating website using HTML and scripting languages for more than 1 year.

  • 10253329_819315478096450_53031775_n

    Ric Jadol

    Quality Assurance

    I started my career as a software testing engineer and have experience testing on web and desktop applications.

  • 10264387_819315468096451_703289473_n

    RG Yangco

    Quality Assurance

    Solid understanding of quality systems, the software test cycle process, web services testing, mobile testing, functional testing, and implementation.

  • Picture of me 3

    Rosmae Auditor

    Customer Specialist

    I have been a customer professional for over 3 years and cater to customer inquiries and complaints.

  • Krish_Phe_closeUp

    Krish Phe

    Art-to-Dev Integration and Animations

    Krish has been working with 2D/3D graphics and animation since 2007. He is also into game and video production. A very versatile fellow, he can integrate the art and coding aspects of a videogame with less effort.


    Yin Shane Lee

    Game Code Development

    Yin has been developing mobile apps and games since 2011. She is adept in object oriented coding as well as the other stuff incumbent developers really have to know. She codes faster than a chimpanzee when there’s coffee (sometimes beer) and a tuna melt at her side.

  • jms

    Jun Lee Yamato

    Art Direction

    Jun has been a graphic art virtouso since 2004, creating game art assets since 2010. His main forte is character development from costumes and props to facial expressions and attitude. Spends time researching on current art trends and styles. Loves RPG and RTS games, pizza, burgers, corn, potato chips, and beer.

  • ppp

    Jin Irazuma

    Project Management and Game Design

    Jin started out in Internet market research in 2005. He then shifted to graphics, web design, and web development and was also into creative marketing management. In 2009 he shifted his career to project management for game development and ever since then got hooked with game concepts and development.

  • photo 1

    Kenneth Subaria

    System Analyst / Director

    Worked as an IT Manager at BMW, KIA, Suzuki, Nissan, and Peugeot Philippines. Responsible for designing DMS, CRM, and ERP in Gateway Group of Company, System Administrator in Sta. Lucia Corp. (Whole Philippines) and Big Foot Int.
    Experienced working as a graphics artist (design supervisor) in Graphic Star Imaging Corp.

  • photo 3

    Nobel Caquelala

    Web Developer

    Experience with ASP.NET C#, WordPress, HTML, CSS, and Javascript

  • photo 22

    Marlon Abacahan

    Web Developer

    Experience with ASP.NET C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and CMS

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